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The sealed aluminum foil bag is not a plastic bag, and it can even be said to be superior to the general plastic bag. The surface of common sealed aluminum foil bags generally has anti-gloss characteristics, which means that it does not absorb light and is made of multiple layers. Therefore, aluminum foil paper not only has good shading properties, but also has strong insulating properties. The ingredients are in it, so it also has great oil resistance and softness.

How to identify the quality of aluminum foil bags?

1. Material of aluminum foil bag: smell the smell before purchasing the sample. If there is an odor, it will not meet the hygienic standards, and it may also affect the normal use of the aluminum foil bag. If there is no smell, you can check the transparency of the aluminum foil bag, whether the clarity is uniform, whether there is a sense of impurities, etc.

2. Look at the stability of the aluminum foil bag: the stability of the aluminum foil bag is mainly divided into two types, consistent with stability and hot air stability. Aluminum foil bags have different stability levels due to different materials. The main way of distinguishing is to align with the edge of the bag and tear it by hand. The bag made of nylon and high-pressure film is generally difficult to tear by hand, and can be used to hold heavier products such as semiconductor items, large particles, etc., while the bag made of OPP heat-sealing film is easy to tear. Only some light products can be loaded; after the bag is torn open, it depends on the shape and structure of the cross-section. If it is torn evenly from the middle of the heat-sealed part of the bag, it means that the heat-sealing of the bag is poor and it is easy to break during the production process. The sealing edge is torn apart, indicating that the heat sealing quality is good; secondly, it depends on the composite stability of the packaging bag. The method is to first see how many layers of structure there are at the crack, and then see if it can be separated by hand. If it is not easy to separate , it means that the composite stability is good, if it is slightly pulled apart, it means that the quality is poor; so to check the stability of the aluminum foil bag, it is also necessary to check whether there are air bubbles or wrinkles on the surface of the packaging bag.

3. Look at the uniformity of the appearance of the aluminum foil bag: first observe the flatness of the aluminum foil bag. Generally speaking, the higher the flatness, the better, except for the different needs of materials, such as the packaging bag made of nylon and high-pressure film, the heat sealing part of the bag will have a wave shape; it is also necessary to observe whether the cutting edge of the packaging bag is neat or not. , the neater the better.

4. Look at the printing quality of aluminum foil bags: Look at the actual picture for the printing quality of aluminum foil bags. The higher the level, the better. Secondly, check whether the bag has wire drawing, fogging, blocking, missing printing, etc. If this happens, it means that the printing requirements are not standard.

5. Look at the pinholes on the aluminum foil bag: In theory, aluminum foil is a complete barrier material, but aluminum foil will cause pinholes due to its own defects, calendering process and dust in the air of the processing workshop, which will affect its moisture resistance. and gas barrier properties. Therefore, the barrier property of aluminum foil depends on the size of pinholes per unit area, and pinholes are an important indicator of the quality of aluminum foil.

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